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Behind the Labels – Bohemian Diesel Marketplace

Today I introduce another amazing label, which is stocking on Bohemian Diesel Marketplace, to you!!!

FIN jewelry was founded by New York jewelry designer and shark wrangler, Bella Ornaf, in 2013. Her introduction to jewelry design began as a globe trotter searching far and wide to expand her own personal collection. While settling in Montauk, NY as a local shark wrangler and megalodon tooth seller she started to make necklaces out of prehistoric teeth with designs inspired directly from the ocean and the environment around her. Her passion and love for the ocean and jewelry has come together in making unique, one of a kind and always environmentally friendly pieces.

Each piece is found 200 feet down on the sea floor of the Atlantic Ocean, the pieces are then hand selected and dipped in 18kt gold. No sharks are ever harmed in the collection of these teeth. 5% of sales go to a shark conservation organization.

Read here what Bella tells about herself and her beautiful and very special pieces:

Hi Bella, so tell us, how did you get into jewelry designing?

I worked as a shark wrangler on a shark diving boat, playing with sharks all day with a fish head attached to a string to toy with them and bring them close to the cage so people could get a close look at these magnificent creatures! We never use hooks we just feed the sharks and play with them with is always a good time. The captain of the Sea Turtle (the shark diving boat) is a master diver and in the winter he goes down south for 200ft dives looking for teeth. Some are as big as 6″ others are smaller like the kind we use for our jewelry. I started by wire wrapping them but thought it looked quiet boring and didn’t match my style so I thought what if we could do the root of the tooth in gold or silver? I tried and failed numerous times and finally found a method that works and FIN Montauk was born

Do you have a background in you family?

No one in my family is in jewelry design however my mother is quiet creative with a background in interior decorating and garden beautification she’s quiet talented at drawing as well so I think I inherited the entrepreneur creative spirit from her

Why fossilized shark teeth?

First off they are quite stunning with different shapes and colors and have a strong energy after being on the ocean floor for 30 million years. I am strongly opposed to the killing of sharks for any reason and despise using modern teeth, which we never have nor will we ever work with them for our jewelry lines or private custom orders. In fact we donate a portion of our sales to shark conservation groups.

What was the first piece of jewelry you ever made?

A beautiful fossilized shark tooth that I wrapped in the most unattractive way possible, it was embarrassing!!

Tell us about your design style, and what kind of person wears your jewelry?

I have been blessed with the style of work I do because it transcends any one style of person. We have people wearing them from park avenue in Manhattan to surfer guys and girls at the beach. Each piece works in the city as it does in the country as it does at the beach. All our pieces (aside from the earrings and solid charm necklaces) are unisex I’ve had couples trade pieces with one another depending on their outfits!

Who and what inspires you?

I’m truly inspired by John Hardys jewelry he is quite unique and one of a kind. My friend Rebekah harris from silverella has taught me a lot of what I know and her work is exquisite as is that of Jose Gomez Davidson of j.a.g.d jewels has been a great help and inspiration. The best artists in Montauk by far.

The ocean especially all types of shark inspire me and center me when I need it (which in the summer season is quite often!)

What is your favorite piece you’ve ever created?

That’s a tough one! There’s a 4.5″ 18kt gold dipped fossilized shark tooth, our new blue moonstone ring and a brand new piece im currently working on!

What’s your vision for the future of your brand?

I would like FIN Montauk to expand globally continuing to use ethical products and ethical sourcing and labor. I would like to use our influence to help end the needless slaughter of sharks and continue to give people jewelry that is transcendent from boho to runway glamour!

So happy to have Bella and her amazing designs on board!

Check out more of her jewelry on Bohemian Diesel Marketplace and follow Fin on facebook and instagram!!!

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