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FIN Montauk was founded by New York jewelry designer and shark wrangler, Bella Ornaf, in 2013. Her introduction to jewelry design began as a globe trotter searching far and wide to expand her own personal collection. While settling in Montauk, NY as a local shark wrangler and megalodon tooth seller she started to make necklaces out of fossilized prehistoric teeth with designs inspired directly from the ocean and the environment around her. Her passion and love for the ocean and jewelry has come together in making unique, one of a kind and always environmentally friendly pieces.


Each piece is found 200 feet down on the sea floor of the Atlantic Ocean, the pieces are then hand selected and dipped in 18kt gold.  No sharks are ever harmed in the collection of these teeth. A percentage of sales and pieces go to shark conservation organizations.


Pieces cannot be returned for full refund and will not be accepted after 14 days of purchase, however we do allow exchanges for same value. Custom pieces are welcome however will only be done on fossilized shark teeth, we do NOT work with modern teeth as we are opposed to any harm to sharks.

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