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Christopher Schulz 

Tiburon Collection

Christopher Schulz skillfully merges nature and wearable art in his captivating and graceful shark and stingray sculpture.

Driven by a desire to immerse his audience in a sensory voyage, he encourages us to approach and establish a profound connection with both the creature and the artwork itself.

Schulz characterizes his creations as having an almost Teutonic essence, showcasing refined craftsmanship, technical ingenuity, and a minimalist colour palette. His preferred medium is metal, particularly marine grade stainless steel and bronze, chosen for their inherent value, enduring quality, and archival nature, capable of lasting for thousands of years.

Internationally renown and exhibiting in 5 countries with 25 representing galleries, Christopher has taken his unique works and condensed their beauty into wearable works of art. Using the finest precious metals and the highest caliber of craftspeople, these small works carry the same integrity as the larger works of which he is renown for.

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